I’ve been employed with this company for a week now, and I’m already loving management. They were so responsive and professional. I enjoyed speaking with each representative, all conversations weren’t just about job placement, they really took into consideration my background and placed me where they knew I’d be a great fit. Click here to read all of our Google reviews.

Olivia Phillips

I’ve been in the State of GA for a few months now & I’ve worked several jobs. This job has been the best experience so far, the staff is VERY VERY friendly and helpful. Abbi & DeeDee were both great at assisting me with any issues. I can see myself working for this company for a very long time. They really do care about you. Click here to read all of our Google reviews.

Sherika Tucker

I had a pleasant experience working with Focus GA. During my lapse of unemployment in the middle of a difficult pandemic, the company provided me with a new role based on my skillset along with health insurance and other benefits. I am grateful for the connections made during our virtual and in-person encounters. Focus GA gave me a great job opportunity so I can display my skills. It resulted in a direct hire from my new employer. I am excited for a new rewarding experience with this new opportunity. Click here to read all of our Google reviews.

Marquez Allen