Revamping Your Resume? What to Cut and What to Keep


remove outdated information from your resume.

Is it time to revamp your resume? How do you decide what to cut and to keep? Have you ever spent the day applying for jobs and submitting your resume only to receive NO RESPONSE from recruiters? Let’s assume you’re qualified for the jobs, so what’s the deal? Perhaps it’s time to review your resume… Read more »

Does Your Resume Need a Facelift?


It’s about that time again! That’s right. It’s time to give your resume a good old makeover! One of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve in the current job market is to update your resume consistently. In fact, recommends you update your resume twice a year with your most recent certifications,… Read more »

Create a Resume That Will Distinguish Yourself from the Rest


Creating a resume to distinguish yourself from others

Your resume serves as your first impression to your potential employers. No, not your job interview or even your cover letter. The resume is a simple yet comprehensive document that allows companies and staffing agencies to get to know you immediately and see if you are the right fit for the open positions. That is… Read more »

The Top 5 Skills Employers Want On Your Resume


Is your resume ready for 2022? With the new year underway, it’s the perfect time to beef up the skills section of your resume. Whether you are actively searching for a job or thinking about your next career move, consistently updating your resume is a great way to keep track of your professional accomplishments. Look… Read more »

4 Things Your Resume Doesn’t Have That Your LinkedIn Profile Should


Don’t just copy and paste your resume into your LinkedIn profile and call it good. You may standout on LinkedIn, but not in a good way. Your profile will come off like a resume – short, boring and focused on the past. Your LinkedIn profile does not operate by the same limitations resumes do in… Read more »

How Much Employee History Should You List On Your Resume?


Resume best practices used to be simple. Put your contact information, schooling, work experience and a few references and that’s it. Now crafting the perfect resume takes much more finesse. As the competitiveness of the job market continues to increase, recruiters are busier than ever. As a modern job seeker now has to take into… Read more »