Why It’s Time to Prepare for the Retirement of Baby Boomers


Baby Boomers Retire

It’s hard to believe, but this generation known as Baby Boomers is retiring at a rapid rate. And in another seven years or so, one-quarter of the population in the United States will be 60 years of age or older! As these Boomers retire, they will be leaving with years of experience and knowledge. That’s… Read more »

Build These 5 Skills to Stay Relevant in the Future


Focus of Georgia

Technology is changing the look of the workplace at a rapid pace. Many of the jobs that require few high-level skills are becoming obsolete because of automation. Technical jobs, on the other hand, are plentiful but lack qualified workers to fill them. Your chances of remaining relevant in the future marketplace will hinge on developing… Read more »

Why Happier Job Seekers are More Successful Job Seekers


Happy Job Seekers

Looking for a job will probably be stressful for you. Why? Because you’re already unhappy with your situation (you’re either unemployed or working at a job you dislike). You can’t do anything about the other applicants who want the same job as you, or the grouchy hiring manager, but the good news is you are… Read more »

Improve Your Staff’s Productivity in 2018


Focus of Georgia Staffing

Once upon a time, most employers bought into the theory that fearful workers were productive workers. Hold their jobs over their heads, and they’ll work like crazy to save them. Then, somewhere along the line, some forward-thinking manager (or maybe it was a psychologist) realized that fear is not the best motivator, and scared employees… Read more »