Uncover the Secret to Attracting Top Talent [2022 Recruitment Trends]


Attracting Top Talent

We’ve gathered the biggest and most actionable recruitment trends for 2022. Keep up with these, and your candidate pool will thank you! Employer Brand Though your company and employer brands share the same DNA, it’s important to realize they are different. Your company brand influences customers to choose your product. In contrast, employer branding is… Read more »

How Conquering Procrastination Can Help You Live a Better Life


We’ve all learned: procrastination is a productivity killer. But finding motivation for complex or intimidating items on your to-do list can be trickier than getting cats to march in a parade. Use these tips to ditch procrastinating and start shining in your career.   Procrastination inflicts stress A behemoth presentation is due in two weeks…. Read more »

Engaged Search: Fill Jobs Faster (Today) With One Easy Step


Engaged Search

Why do people pay for memberships? While there are various reasons, ranging from discounts to simply being a fan, the main reason is exclusivity and enhanced benefits–benefits that improve your life. In addition, memberships carry a level of commitment between the service being provided and the member. If you need proof, consider Amazon Prime’s 200… Read more »

Expert Approved Interview Tips: Is Your Candidate Waving These 6 Red Flags?


It’s happened to all of us, a new boss who micromanages, a new coworker who takes credit for your work, or the recent hire with a chip on their shoulder. So how can we escape the financial loss, reduced productivity, & negative employee morale a bad hire brings?   Here are the warning signs so… Read more »

Delegate MORE Micromanage less: Little known benefits of empowering your team


Empower your team. Delegate more and micromanage less

Micromanaging is damaging to your team and company, but so is a hands-off approach to leadership. So, how do you find the middle ground? We must shift away from both nasty habits and practice guiding our employees. Why should you choose to delegate even if you feel like micromanaging? Micromanaging wastes time that you could… Read more »

Achieve Your Growth Goals [Convince Candidates to Say Yes to the Job Offer]


The moment you’ve been waiting for is here. It’s time to interview candidates and get the help that your team desperately needs. You completed the first steps by clarifying the job description, setting the pay range, and selecting the interview questions. However, there is one more thing that needs refining—your sales pitch. Wait. A. Minute…. Read more »

Guest Post: Confessions of a Boomerang Employee—third times the charm


Guest Post by Rene Beach I began my Focus journey during the Spring of 1999, a doe-eyed college student on a quest to discover a career path. In the previous 12 months, I changed jobs 12 times: receptionist, outside sales, and daycare worker (to name a few). I accepted a position supporting the Focus executive… Read more »

Gratitude is the Secret Weapon of Exceptional Leadership


Showing sincere gratitude is the secret weapon for outstanding leadership and employee engagement. In a recent survey by PWC, 88% of business leaders said their company is experiencing higher than average turnover. Now is the time to be proactive about employee retention. If you’re going to give thanks, do it in a way your team… Read more »

Yes, You Can Prevent Candidates from Ghosting You


“I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” Ghosting by both employers and candidates seems to be the new trend; however, organizations can prevent it. Simplify Your Application Though it might be tempting to make your application lengthy, so it weeds out the weakest candidates, you risk frustrating talented ones. If your job openings are hard to… Read more »