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The secret to advancing your career is using LinkedIn. So, use our best LinkedIn profile tips to land your next BIG opportunity.

Thanks to the LinkedIn platform, 58 million employers (about twice the population of Texas) have a platform to search for quality candidates to fill their open positions. With so many employers on one platform, there is an excellent chance of reeling in the right job opportunity. All you need to do is make sure your profile will capture a job recruiter’s attention.

Here are our best LinkedIn profile tips to help you enhance your profile and capture the attention of one of the many recruiters on LinkedIn.

Update Your Headshot:

A quality professional profile photo is one of the best ways to grab a recruiter’s attention. Use these tips to make sure your headshot is an eye-catcher.

  • Use a photo that only has you in the frame.
  • Your picture should be from the shoulders up.
  • Only wear professional attire.
  • Select good lighting and a simple background.

Tap here for more photo tips from LinkedIn.

Connect With Others:

Based on a recently published article by LinkedIn, your goal should be to connect with at least 501 members. This communicates to LinkedIn and other members that you take the platform and your career seriously.

Create a Great Profile Headline and Summary:

You may think a profile headline is a minor detail compared to the rest of your profile. However, it’s your profile’s second most crucial detail. Leaving this section blank is equivalent to not responding to an email about a fantastic job opening. In short, it is a missed opportunity.

Here is an excellent example of an eye-catching LinkedIn profile headline: “Creative and passionate, results-driven go-getter that helps brands think outside the box.”  Tap here for 10 eye-catching headlines from LinkedIn.

However, your summary is also valuable. You have 2,000 characters to give an overview of your professional life. Tap here for 14 practical examples from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the perfect place to build your professional brand and make yourself stand out from endless other candidates. You are worth investing in.

One more thing. Tap here for 5 ways to distinguish yourself from the other candidates during an interview.

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