Dress for the job you want!


Yay! You got the call. The call for the tech job you’ve been dreaming of. Now, you have 48 hours to decide what to wear to your interview.
You don’t want to look overdressed, but being under-dressed would be embarrassing.
Should you wear business casual attire or a suit with a tie?
No worries, we have the guidelines you need, so you can dress for the job you want!

Step 1:

The best way to figure out what style of professional clothing you should wear to your interview is to learn a little about the company. Look at the LinkedIn profiles of some of the employees in the company and visit the organization’s website. What are the employees wearing in the team photos on social media? Does it seem like the work environment is relaxed? Or was everyone wearing professional suits?

These photos are not the end all be all, but they can help you understand the workplace environment.

Step 2:

Now that you better understand the workplace environment, you can look at your closet and pick out items that align well with the environment.
Here are a few do’s and don’ts

Don't wear unnatural hair color. Do wear natural hair color.

Though many work environments are flexible on appearance, try to attend your interview with natural hair color.

Don't wear a brightly colored outfit. Do wear a suit or dress that is a neutral color.

As memorable as your lime green suit is, save it for St. Patrick’s Day. Try wearing a suit or dress that is a neutral color.

Don't wear strappy high heels. Do wear flats, heels, or dress shoes that are black, blue, brown, or grey.

Save your fabulous strappy heels for the after-hours work event! For your initial interview, wear professional shoes that are simple. Flats, heels, or dress shoes that are black, blue, brown, or grey are great options.

Dress for the job you want, then check out Indeed’s complete interview guide here.

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