Ask for a raise and get it


Most employees view asking for a raise as scary. But! It doesn’t have to be. With proper timing and clear communication, asking for a raise can be energizing.


Let’s talk strategy!

So, you know you work hard at your job, and it’s time to ask for an increase in your pay, but when is it the right time to pop the question?


If you started your job or received a raise within the past year, requesting a boost in your pay is not traditionally appropriate. However, it may be fitting if the position regularly ventured outside your job description.


Another element you may want to consider is aligning your conversation around the time your job traditionally offers raises. For example, some companies provide salary adjustments during quarterly reviews or near work anniversaries.


Prepare for The Conversation!

Before scheduling the meeting with your manager, research your job description and discover the pay range for the area you live. When you ask for a raise, request an appropriate increase for your job description and work experience.


It’s Meeting Time! recommends that instead of walking in with a PowerPoint or Deck of why you deserve a raise, it is better to follow this format.


  1. Express your gratitude for the time you have spent at the company.
  2. Mention any professional goals (link to the post about how to create professional goals) you have created for yourself within the past year.
  3. Open up the conversation about your desire to request an adjustment in your salary.
  4. Mention the last time you received a raise.
  5. List the new tasks you have taken on within the past year.
  6. Summarize your positive feelings about your relationship with the company and mention your interest in increasing your salary.


Here is the link to the full article from They share details of how the conversation should flow.

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