It’s about that time again! That’s right. It’s time to give your resume a good old makeover! One of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve in the current job market is to update your resume consistently. In fact, recommends you update your resume twice a year with your most recent certifications, jobs, and new skills.


One of the ways hiring managers weed out candidates is by disqualifying resumes that use outdated language and cluttered layouts.


Let’s jump into the 5 key elements that create the framework for an award-winning resume!

1. Summary

  • Your summary should include how many years of experience you have within your field, specific skills, achievements, career goals, and why you seek employment.


2. Relevant career experience

  • This section should start with your most recent job and work backward.
  • Include the company’s name, job title, and duties.
  • List any significant achievements you accomplished while on the job.


3. Education

  • Narrow this section down to 2-3 of your academic achievements.
  • After entering college, remove your high school graduation from this section.
  • Include relevant degrees and awards.


4. Contact information

  • Include your phone number, email, and LinkedIn
  • Your email address should be professional. Try to stick to your first and last name @gmail or


5. Relevant skills, tools, and certifications

  • List relevant skills and certifications.

Watch for these pitfalls as you review your resume again.

  • Remove outdated language.
  • Eliminate irrelevant work experience.
  • Attempt to keep your resume between 1-2 pages long.
  • Headshots/photos don’t belong on professional resumes.
  • Spelling/grammatical errors. (Read it aloud and have a friend double-check it).


One more thing, tap here to discover how to make your LinkedIn profile a winner, or here for tips on conquering procrastination.


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