You’ve been searching for the perfect job on the internet for hours.

Finally, you found the one­­­­—this job has everything you want!

As you read the job description, you find yourself comparing your skill set…

Education requirements. Check!

Required skills. Check!

Job duties. Check! (They are your favorite workplace tasks.)

But then, you wonder… what about all the other candidates applying?

Do they have more work experience than I do?

What if they have more educational experience than I do?

Well, the truth is… they might. But you can still beat out the competition! So let’s dive into ways to enhance your resume. Here are five tips to improve your resume and snag that interview!

#1 – Visuals Matter:

Websites like allow you to design a professional and aesthetically pleasing resume that will catch the eye of job recruiters. (Click here for professional resume templates.)

Here are a few visual elements your resume should include:

• Clear section headings.

• Highlight particular skills.

• Simple and easy-to-read fonts.

#2 – Edit Your Resume:

Take some time to review the job description, then use that to guide what skills you should highlight from your previous work experience.

#3 – Highlight Your Achievements:

When writing about your accomplishments, make sure you highlight measurable and quantifiable results, projects you completed, and specific skills you’ve developed on the job.
Click here to discover the 5 skills employers want to see on your resume.

#4 – One-Page Resume:

There are many theories about how long your resume should be. According to Indeed Q&A, your resume should be 1-2 pages long if you are a professional.
“Recruiters would much rather read two well-organized pages full of relevant and helpful information than one page that’s difficult to read and crammed with information at a small font point. Keep in mind, the first page will get the most attention, so include information such as required skills and experience first.”

#5 – Use Concise Verbiage:

The more concise, the better! Even though you have an extensive work history, it is best to highlight 4 of your most recent positions with 3-4 bullet points for each job. Minimize filler words, such as “that,” “the,” “a,” “an,” or “like.”

Apply these five tips to your resume and watch the interview requests roll in!

One more thing, click here to set yourself up for success and make your LinkedIn profile a winner, or here for work from home tips.

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