“I quit.”

The Great Resignation is here, and according to Prudential’s latest Pulse of the American Worker Survey, 1 in 4 workers plan to switch jobs post-pandemic. So does the question, “are my employees going to leave me?” keep you up at night?

Our client–let’s call them MayDay faced this problem head-on by partnering with talent experts. MayDay had an urgent need to bring on 2 new team members. We far exceeded their expectations by providing a consultative approach, including market analysis and top-notch candidates. Our favorite part of this story is that they hired 5 exceptional candidates instead of two.

Why are employees resigning?

Not everyone is eager to return to the way things were before the pandemic. However, some reasons employees choose to resign are low pay, feeling overworked, and lack of trust. Many workers sat tight (even if their job wasn’t the right fit) and waited for a more favorable job market. While some are leaving jobs because they fear coming back to an unsafe workplace.

Where did all the American workers go?

The recent report by Emsi provides some Insite. In particular, the baby boomers exit from the workforce, record low participation rates among the working-age population, and the lowest birth rates in U.S. history.

What can we do?

The fundamental thing you must do is to listen—carefully. Meet with your team. Ask how they are doing and how you can improve. Also, make sure they feel heard and valued, offer flexibility, and furnishing additional training so they will continue to grow.

How to attract top candidates?

Applicants are more selective than ever. This competition means that organizations (like MayDay) should position themselves as an employer of choice. For example, offer competitive wages, benefits, opportunities for advancement, safety, and commitment to equality.

Focus has been in this business for decades; we take the time to listen and learn. To work with Focus, reach out to us here or at (770) 937-0410.


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