With Spring Break right around the corner, schools might be requiring students to stay home for a few days to 2 weeks after the break due to the pandemic. This is very different from last Spring Break when schools were forced to shut down and move to remote learning. Thankfully as time has passed, we have found ways as a society to adapt and continue to move forward living our lives as safely as possible. While we have adapted, that does not mean the challenges of working parents are gone. Since some schools will require students to stay home post Spring Break, we thought it might be a good idea to talk about how managers can support or continue to support working parents during this time.

Educate Yourself on Each Parent’s Situation

Take time to check in with employees. Ask them if they are participating in Spring Break and if their kids are required to stay home post break. Understanding the situation allows managers to accommodate working parents needs on a case-by-case basis.

Set Expectations Early

Once managers have determined the situation of each working parent, it is important to set expectations early. Determine when their kids are expected to be home for Spring Break and then set those expectations prior. This way the employee knows what to expect and it gives them time to find help if needed.

Encourage Communication

While kids are home from Spring Break or post break, encourage communication among working parents. Schedule daily touch points and add more or less touch points if needed. Ask them for feedback and if there is anything their team or managers can do to help.

Create a Positive Workspace

Working at home with kids is not an easy task. Kids can serve as a distraction and directly impact the parents work environment resulting in stress. Managers should be empathetic to the various situations and use words of encouragement to build them up during this time.

These are just a few ways managers can support working parents and help create a positive work environment. If you set working parents up for success early on aka before their kids Spring Break, chances are it will be a smoother process on your end. If Focus can help you outsource additional staffing needs for temporary or direct hire during this time, please reach out to us at (770) 937-0410.

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