A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about direct hire and talked about what makes this service different from others offered while working with staffing firms. These different services include direct hire, contract and contract to hire. If you would like to learn more about direct hire, please click here. This week, we are continuing our mini-series by breaking down contract staffing.

What is contract staffing?

Contract staffing positions are for a predetermined amount of time and money with the intention to complete a certain project or task. These individuals are not considered employees of the client. Instead, they are employees of the staffing firm. Working with a staffing firm, such as Focus, we will source and interview candidates on the client’s behalf. Then the client determines which candidate to hire. Once the candidate has accepted the position, they become an employee of Focus meaning we manage their benefits and payroll, discuss performance evaluations, coach and foster employee relations.

What makes contract staffing different?

1. Eliminates Joint-Employment

This means that two companies have rights and obligations as an employer. The client is responsible for the employee’s job duties and day-to-day functions, while Focus is responsible for personnel-related functions including benefits and payroll, performance evaluations and coaching opportunities.

2. Increases Staffing Flexibility

A major benefit of contract staffing is the ability to hire flexible employees. Clients choose contract staffing for two reasons. One, when trying to complete a certain project or task and two, to help clients during peak seasons. Having that said, when they are finished with their assignment or the peak season ends, they are no longer sitting on your payroll.

3. Savings on Niche Employees

Usually contract employees are hired for a specific project so when choosing a candidate, the client is looking for a certain quality that their current employees do not offer. Focus does all the sourcing on the client’s behalf and searches for a skill you do not already have in-house. This means specialized jobs can be completed in a cost-effective way since you do not have to train current employees on a skill that they will only use once.

Regardless of where a business stands, at Focus, we are here to help companies find which service will work for them. Stay on the lookout for our next blog post where we are going to dive deeper into the final service: contract to hire. If we can help you fulfill these needs, please reach out to us at (770) 937-0410.

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