It is exciting to see our job markets starting to pick up over the course of 2020. We’re receiving new applications daily at Focus and we’re encouraging our employees to go beyond the application and network as well.
With all new society rules in place, the networking game is not the same. There are not many happy hours (besides virtual happy hours), after hour meet ups, or conventions being held. So, how do you navigate that space when everything is hosted online/virtual now?

Use LinkedIn like never before

LinkedIn is still a popular social networking site for business professionals. You can write blogs/articles and share them directly to your networks to showcase your own expertise, share content from other thought leaders, meet recruiters, and share your availability to your network.

Keep your profile as up to date as possible. Look back at your own content and see when the last time you posted or shared an update. We have seen many candidates share their resumes directly on LinkedIn, which opened their resume to thousands of potential viewers and connections.

If you’re new to LinkedIn, let’s connect! Connect with Focus on LinkedIn here!

Attend virtual opportunities

An opportunity is an opportunity. You should still look into what types of events and virtual meet ups are available and join them! LinkedIn is a great place to find these opportunities as many of us have been home since March. I know we are all craving some human interaction that is not a webinar.

Make it a point to attend, network around in the chat boxes, and see if you can connect further on LinkedIn or through e-mail! Do all the things you would’ve done at an in-person event to keep the energy strong.

Expand into other communities

We’re a bit heavy on LinkedIn in today’s post, but we don’t knock the opportunity that lies in Facebook groups. There are many communities that Focus Recruiters are actively engaging in to look for candidates and push our expertise to potential job seekers.

You can meet other job seekers who may also have trouble with their search or networking opportunities to meet different recruiters and hiring managers.

One simple tip is to search on Facebook: [enter your city name] Jobs Group
Example: Atlanta Jobs Group

Focus is also on Facebook, we post our jobs, blogs, and updates often!

We would like to remind you that social networks, regardless of it being LinkedIn or Facebook, are open-to-public platforms. You should not share any personal information like bank accounts, social security numbers, or other sensitive information that could prompt identity theft. Focus will always formally contact you for onboarding, not through social media.

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