As 2020 comes to an end, we are all very hopeful for a new year. That means new beginnings, goals and possibilities. To prepare your team for 2021, it is ideal to start planning now. While it may seem odd to think ahead when we do not know what the new year entails, it is best to get ahead of the game while you can. Check out our tips below to help prepare your team for 2021.

Give Grace

While we might have had big plans in store for this year, the pandemic turned all that upside down. If we have learned anything from 2020, it is to have grace and flexibility. As a manager, it is important to continue to practice grace and being flexible in the new year because 2021 still comes with a lot of uncertainty. Some examples include allowing employees to continue to work from home; offering COVID relief through an additional 30 minutes to an hour for employees to take care of sick family members or help their kids with school; being understandable about Internet issues to an extent.

Keep Experimenting

In the beginning of the pandemic, we all had to adjust to working from home as opposed to going into the office. I am sure every company had their own challenges, however, we all persevered and quickly learned to adapt to the new normal. Continue to push through new barriers and challenges in 2021 as there will still be uncertainty. This could mean retraining your employees, rolling out new software, automating processes, or cross-training. Either way, keep trying to find ways to improve efficiency and expand company resources.

Focus on Opportunity

This past year might have not gone the way you planned. However, the best ideas have been created during times of crisis. For example, Airbnb was founded during the 2008 recession along with Groupon, Venmo and Uber. Instead of focusing on the drawbacks from the pandemic, focus your efforts on the various opportunities. For example, if your business is slow, is there something new your team could develop? Or maybe you are busy, is there something your team could adopt to help with the workflow? Or do you need to hire additional employees to help remove the workload of current team members?

Preparing for 2021 will help set you and your team up for success. Whether that is retraining employees, rolling out new software, or hiring employees to strengthen your team, Focus is here to help. If we can provide any assistance now or in the future, please let us know by calling (770) 937-0410. We hope these tips allow you to enter the new year feeling ready for whatever life throws your way and we will be right by your side.

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