We are halfway through Q4 and the pandemic is still very present. In the beginning, it was all about how to master working from home and staying as close to your “normal” routine as possible. Now we are starting to see a shift where most businesses are half and half, meaning some employees are working from home while others are slowly returning to the office. Wherever your business stands, I think we can all agree that managing employees remotely proves to be more challenging. See our tips below on how to effectively manage remote employees.

1. Set expectations.

It is important to set expectations and to set them often. These should be set at the beginning of each week, during one on ones and during team meetings. Use expectations as a guideline to measure progress on projects. This way employees can hold themselves accountable for their work.

2. Communicate often.

We all like to be kept in the loop so it is important to communicate with your team members daily. Some ideas include a daily morning call, a daily Zoom meeting or creating a group email at the beginning of each workday almost like you are walking into the office.

3. Be flexible.

Working from home has proven to have its own challenges. This could be anything from power outages (thanks hurricane Zeta), taking care of sick family members or helping your kids with virtual schooling. With the world we live in today, we all need to practice having a little bit more grace. This means being flexible with your workers and honoring their situation.

4. Extend your availability.

If you have free time, send out an email to your team letting them know you have office hours available if anyone wants to drop in to discuss anything. Kind of like an open-door policy but on Zoom or whatever platform you use to communicate with team members. It is also important to let employees know you are available through multiple means of technology.

5. Resist the urge to micromanage.

In the office, employees do not like to be micromanaged so the same rule applies while working from home. No one wants to have their manager watching them over their shoulder and tracking their every move. Instead, schedule regular one on ones and check ins to get a pulse on their work and offer them time to ask questions and provide you with feedback.

We hope these tips can help managers lead their team to great success in a remote working environment. If you are looking to expand your team or looking for contract employees during this time, let Focus help you fulfill these needs by reaching out to us at (770) 937-0410.

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