At Focus, we staff a variety of roles, with one of our top fields being Customer Service! As Customer Service Reps (CSRs), it is not just about helping customers and answering tough phone calls, though those build a lot of excellent personal characteristics. CSRs help impact businesses by enhancing the customer experience.

Lesson 1: Patience

As a CSR, the environment can be highly stressful at times since you are handling various calls daily. Working as a CSR you learn a lot of patience to help bring a customer’s concern down the chain to a resolution.

You may speak to a customer who is not tech-savvy or to a customer that may be stressed about their account. In these moments, CSRs are experienced with deescalating the situation and patiently working with the customer for a resolution.

— BONUS: CSRs are also always multitasking between screens and the customer on the phone! Props to you all!

Lesson 2: Problem-Solving

The whole idea of customer service is problem-solving. A CSR would be helping a customer resolve their issue as each case can be unique, with different resolutions. Being able to problem solve helps build this skillset for future careers/jobs as every job has its own set of problems to solve!

Lesson 3: Good Communication

A good CSR is a CSR that communicates and communicates well. They understand the tone of voice, professionalism, and how to put their customer at the forefront by deescalating high emotions. CSRs reach out, follow up, and do all the steps in between to ensure customers are satisfied!

Lesson 4: Teamwork

We must be honest; no CSR knows everything! In times where a difficult problem arises for them or their colleagues, they help one another. They collaborate, ask questions, and work together to solve each customer issue.

Lesson 5: Conflict Resolution

Like problem-solving, conflict resolution is just as important. Customers may have a prior interaction that was not pleasant or simple things like their day isn’t going well. While this does not excuse anyone to have rude behavior, CSRs understand that and do their best to talk it out with the customer in a professional manner.

In a typical CSR job description at Focus you can expect these kinds of requirements:

  • X amount of years in high volume customer engagement roles
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Able to maintain a consistent approach in difficult times
  • Superb written and communication skills
  • Interpersonal relationship building
  • Computer skills, namely: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • If these attributes sound like you, we want to talk to you! Apply with us today!

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