An internet search will tell you that the average lifespan of a company is around 15 years. I’m happy and proud to say that our company, Focus, just finished our 26th year in business! How can a business outlast the average lifespan of businesses by more than 11 years? Well, that answer is really simple: Hire the absolute best people you can find, be loyal to them, give them everything they need to succeed, support them 100 percent, and stay out of the way.

Our staff at Focus is absolutely incredible! We have ridden out several storms over the years. Thanks to our diligent workforce, we are thriving today. I tip my hat to them all!

Here are some examples of the awesome people I get to call my friends:


She started with us in her teens over 21 years ago. She has taken on some unbelievable challenges and she ALWAYS finishes with a smile 😊. Thanks for always having that awesome attitude and doing whatever, whenever!


I trust you to keep our budgets straight. Thank you for your diligent work and making sure we meet that huge payroll every week!


She started with us on my birthday more than 20 years ago. She’s worn EVERY hat in the staffing industry for us, and she is responsible for too many things to list now. You are a blessing to all of us!


Joined us 19 years ago after we interviewed more than 20 candidates. We made the right decision! Maria is our “mother” to hundreds of employees now and thousands over her tenure with us. Nobody gets paid without Maria signing off on it! Thank you Maria! You have paid over 45,000 people in the past 19 years! Wow!


We would not exist without you! Terri joined us 18 years ago and has been responsible for generating millions and millions of dollars in revenue. She’s worn out so many heels that we won’t even let her wear them anymore. Flats are cool, Terri! And if you haven’t had her baked goods, then you really haven’t lived. You can request her popular brownies here: [email protected]


The Boss! She runs the show now. Lisa joined us as a recruiter 16 years ago, and she’s such a huge reason we are still here and thriving! Nothing gets past her! Lisa, I depend on you daily, and I thank you for your dedication to our success and our growth.

Dee Dee

You freaked me out earlier this week by forwarding me an email with “resignation” in the subject line. I had a panic attack when I read it, but it was regarding one of our associates that was leaving for another opportunity. Dee Dee, you can’t ever leave! We love you and need you too much! You’ve placed so many people in so many incredible roles that we couldn’t begin to count them. You have greatly impacted the lives of many!


I fought hard to get you to come to work for us, and not just because you’re an Auburn grad. I can detect “awesomeness” from a mile away! We depend on you to find those great candidates and make the perfect matches over and over again. Thank you Amber! I appreciate you! You WOW me with what you are able to accomplish!


We depend on you to make those upper level, super delicate, purple squirrel placements that everyone says are impossible. You make incredibly difficult things possible! Thank you so much for your warm, refreshing greetings every morning on our kick-off call. You are our picture of optimism!


They say I was a bit forward when I slipped you a business card while you were on the job at your previous employer. Well, I was just trying to get an awesome person to join our team and I’m so glad I did! Thank you for your persistence and dedication to detail. I’m sure our hundreds of employees appreciate you getting them paid each week too!


I say this as the absolute utmost compliment–Simply put, you are a workhorse! You do whatever, whenever and grind it out till late in the evenings to find the best people and make the best matches for our client companies. I’ve said it many times before: You Rock Kay! I appreciate you so very much!


Man, do I appreciate you. It seems like Lisa just keeps on giving you the most difficult, almost nearly impossible jobs to fill and you are like Nike: You just do it! Thanks for being rock solid every day! Keep those Big Wheels Turning!


You’re one of my favorite people on the earth. We challenge you each day and you promote us and keep us looking like a shining star! Thank you for always being you! We love you! And whatever we ask, we can always count on your “Yup!”.


We count on you every day to jump through hundreds of hoops to keep us compliant. You just get things done! You keep us moving forward and get us past those roadblocks that could stop this machine. I tip my hat to you, Roberto! Thank you!


Well you left us once, but through years of diligent efforts by Lisa, Terri, and myself, we got you back. I’m so happy to have you back and we are counting on you to propel us to the next level and beyond! Just when you got the locomotive rolling, we ran into a pandemic, but that can’t stop us! Companies still need great people, and they need us to find them. Thank you for representing us well and promoting us to the Atlanta business community. We look forward to your continued success!

Rebecca (Becky)

Lisa called me one day and said she had found a “great one”. I wasn’t sure until I met you, and suddenly, I’m convinced! You’ve become such an integral part of our team, and now we depend on you to support some of our most valuable clients. Lisa challenges you, and you perform! Your smile is infectious! We appreciate you!


Our CEO, owner, and my loving wife started this company with me in June of 1994. She’s put up with me for 30 years, and she’s been a part of every move we’ve made at Focus. You might not see her in the limelight, but she’s a rock star in the shadows. She’s the reason Focus was started and a big reason we still exist today. Thank you Amy! I love you!

I’m such a lucky guy! I have a million thoughts running throughout the day, yet I get to be part of an awesome company and be around great group of friends. I extend a huge thank you to all of our great customers, employees and friends, and to all the folks over the past 26+ years that have believed and supported us!

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