While texting is not a new form of communication, but it’s definitely been a feature our recruiters and staff use on a daily basis. Texting is not only common but it’s a casual form of communication because we text friends, family, and other co-workers. However, texting can be a zone where we must be cautious.

For example, messaging systems are programmed to auto-correct if you don’t turn it off. This can cause not only a funny miscommunication, but it could turn for the worst, you can Google auto-correct fails!
We have a few suggestions on how to clean up your texting to your employer!

Avoid Abbreviations & Acronyms

Abbreviations like LMK, SMH, NVM may be common for us to see as we use it during casual conversations with friends and family, but it’s not suggested for an employer! In some cases, these are not universal, meaning not everyone gets what they mean. To keep it simple clean, avoid using it at all.

Be Selective on Emojis & GIFs

We get it, the times have moved on to an era of pictures. Sometimes you really can’t say what you mean without adding an emoji next to it! While we want you to avoid it, but we get that a text can come off as blunt or misread the wrong way. If you use an emoji, use it minimally!

GIFs however can be a different story as some phones do not support the GIF feature. Be mindful of this as you’re sending text messages.

Write complete sentences

As we explained about abbreviations, completed sentences are just as important. When you type a complete sentence, it will read better and there will be less room for miscommunication.

Our team is always trying to adopt the newest technologies to ensure our recruiting is up to date and an easy line of communication for our employees and future employees.

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Changing careers is a daunting thing to do — but it doesn’t have to be so scary if you’re prepared. With our four tips on what to consider, you can make the transition smoother and easier so you can focus on doing what you love best.

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