The holidays come and go every year and I so enjoy a little down time with our family and friends…but then reality hits me and I get to go back to work and get back in my normal routine.

Maybe I’m a little weird, but I’m more comfortable getting back to a normal schedule of work and life. I, like many other people, set some goals for the coming “new year”, aka, “new year resolutions”. I have learned that if I set huge goals, I usually fall short. Therefore, I think I’m better off setting smaller, achievable goals.

The new year is a chance to somewhat “start over” in some areas of life/work. As you evaluate your own life and what you’d like to improve upon, keep those smaller, achievable goals in mind. I like to post notes for myself and set reminders in my phone to keep myself on track. I really have to keep it simple…The KISS principle. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

If you are interested in making a career move, then NOW is the time to get busy.There are more job openings than candidates to fill them. If you are a hiring manager, the same goes for you. Things move very fast now, and time is of the essence! Great candidates that are actively seeking a job have a super short shelf life of one day! Wow!

As a staffing agency, we have to move quickly and get great job seekers placed in the most timely manner possible. As a hiring manager, remember everyone is competing for those great candidates, so act quickly and decisively.

Our team at Focus is ready for an awesome 2020! If you’re seeking a new opportunity, call us!

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From our Focus family, we do sincerely wish everyone a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2020 and beyond!

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