We’ve all heard the line before, “Keep your resume to one page. Recruiters prefer it!” or “Anything more than one page is too long!”
While each recruiter is different, there are some standard recruiting procedures our recruiters take when it comes to a resume and evaluating it for a potential job opening.

How Many Pages is Too Many?

Generally, we would say that 3 pages is a MAX but it doesn’t mean you should always have a 3 page resume. Up to 2 pages should be enough to cover your past employment experiences and skills.
When you’re working on your resume and you’re about to hit the third page, go back into your resume and rethink some of the things that are there and really see if there’s anything you can take out and replace:

  • How long ago was this job? 10+ years ago?
  • Are all the jobs I listed relevant to the job I’m applying to?
  • Do I have my contact information so that recruiters can contact me?
  • Is my Summary/Objective too long, can I shorten it?
  • Bonus tip: We understand that for some candidates, descriptions and bullets will take up some room. To limit over usage of space, make sure all your bullet points are consistently the same size and you’re using the same font!

    One Page Doesn’t Say It All

    To some of our recruiters, one page sometimes does not provide enough space for a candidate to truly sell themselves for a position. It’ll be too little space to put enough information about you as a candidate.
    One of our recruiters suggest that a one page is ideal for someone that has less than 5 years of experience. However, anyone that has up to 6-10 years of relevant experience, a one page resume does not serve it justice.

    Consider the White Space

    When you attempt to put all of your work history onto one page, naturally it’ll start to cram up your resume. You’ll then start to see yourself highlight the entire document and changing the font to 7.5 pt., which is NOT the preferred font size!
    The term “White Space” in design basically means to create/design a document that is readable. Readability can be improved where there is proper spacing between the lines of text, the text is not close to or touching the margins of the paper, or there’s clear differentiation between headlines, text, and headings.

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