Video job interviews have become a big thing in the industry as we’re moving toward getting to more candidates faster without having them come into our office, if it’s inconvenient for them.
With any piece of new technology we adopt there’s always going to be common mistakes that happen. Even if you’re tech-savvy there’s always user-errors that happen as well.


Charge your laptop! Don’t let it die out midway of an interview. While interviews are conducted to understand about your past work history, but there’s no guarantee that it will be quick. Be prepared for both short or long interviews by staying charged.


Test your network connection. It would be terrible if five minutes before your interview, your internet isn’t connected. Test it the day before the interview and consider testing it again on the day of your interview to ensure it’s seamless.

Bonus tip: Avoid going to a local place to do the interview unless you need it for internet access. Sometimes local coffee shops, libraries, and public places have spotty internet access which can disrupt your interview.


If you’re doing the interview in your home, make sure the area is off from distractions. Perhaps an empty room or a computer room. The key is to minimize any distractions like: kids running, busy backgrounds, tv channel volumes, etc.


Keep your eyes on the screen as often as you can! Don’t look around too much or attend to other things in the room, remember you’re in an interview. Speak as if you would speak in an actual interview.


Close it out with a thank you! Don’t just cut it off at the last question.

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