We’ve shared a blog post before about the misconception of keeping your resume to one page. While a one page resume definitely saves some paper, but there’s no justice to your work history as a potential employee for a company.

In the mist of designing and creating your new resume, whether you’re doing a one pager or not, there is often information that we sacrifice in order to fit everything.
Here are the top things you should NOT take out of your resume as it could jeopardize your chance at a position!

The Basics

Job titles, name of the company, city/state of the company, and dates (month & year).

While these are basic things that every resume should have, but we’ve noticed missing pieces here and there. We had rather you put all this information and have it stretch your resume into 2 pages, rather than not have it at all. These little bits help the recruiter better understand your previous employment.

Staying Updated

All of our recruiters (and probably other recruiters) always want an updated resume. From the most recent jobs to your most recent phone number. Without these pieces up to date, we aren’t able to help you to the best of our ability.

We also understand that sometimes the most recent job may have been a few months to a year ago. For employment gaps, we suggest putting that somewhere in the summary.

For example: “06/2014-01/2015 – Took time off for family issues” You wouldn’t have to give more details afterward.

Show What You Know

Skills, skills, skills – Include keywords through out your resume and apply the skills you have into the bullet points of each job. One of our recruiters suggest to NOT put all your skills in a list separately from the jobs as it would be difficult to pair up what skill you used at what job.

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