Company culture is composed of actions and interactions in the workplace. Contrary to what some believe, it is not simply celebrating an employee birthday or an annual holiday party. While those things matter, an outstanding company culture exceeds these simple expectations and demands more.

There must be a clear vision for your company’s culture first – it cannot be achieved if no one knows what they want the finished product to be. Do you want to encourage employees to develop fresh new ideas? Would it improve the company to prep employees for leadership roles?

Involving employees at all levels of the company is critical. To recognize one individual’s extraordinary achievement is wonderful but all employees should feel valued every day. There is often a focus on the customers or clients – and rightfully so. However, this can detract from the positive influence the team needs. Take the Ritz Carlton for instance, their motto is “Ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen” which epitomizes the idea of boosting the perceived value of both clients and employees.

Ways to Improve Your Company’s Culture

  • Treat your employees as people first and employees second.
  • There is more to an employee’s life than work – when staff members and management tune into what makes each other happy, the whole group functions more like a team.
  • A mission statement only matters if it is reinforced daily by real behaviors – make sure to back it up with action!
  • Make sure the gratitude you show your staff members is genuine and personalized.
  • Recognition doesn’t have to be expensive – a post-it note saying “Great job!” or a company-wide email blast recognizing someone are great ways to show appreciation.

    As a result

  • Loyalty increases
  • Turnover decreases
  • Your team is happy coming to work everyday
  • Your team will feel valued Contact Us!

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