They always say, communication is key. While there are many ways to send messages nowadays, are you making sure your ways are top notch? Today we have tips for you on best practices when communicating with a recruiter regardless of the platform: email, text, social media.

Be Prompt

When you get that first initial line of communication going with a recruiter, be timely about your response. A normal rate of response that recruiters can expect is 24-72 hours, 72 hours however may be a stretch. The earlier you reply, the better your chances as a candidate.
A prompt and fast response will not only move you along past the candidates that haven’t responded but it will also show your punctuality. If you know you are going out of town or will be unavailable to respond within a reasonable time frame, let your recruiter know!

Know the Details

After you have passed that first initial conversation it’s important for you to understand that you’re now on the radar. Meaning if you call in, it will help if you have all the details together so that the recruiter can best direct the call.

Details that often get left out or forgotten:

  • The job that was being talked about
  • The job pay rate and location
  • Information from the previous conversation
  • Your current status as an applicant: prescreened, interviewed, or waiting to be onboarded

    With most of these points covered, you will be able to guide your recruiter into helping you faster as recruiters often deal with bundles of candidates at a time.

    Stay Polite

    We understand that the job seeking journey is difficult and can be frustrating. Sometimes you may feel unlucky and treated poorly with the communication between you and a recruiter. However, we encourage staying polite! From the recruiters’ end, we know how you feel during job seeking, but there’s also a lot of other candidates in the same line and we really wish to attend to everyone in a timely manner.
    Patience is key and if it’s really been too long since you’ve contacted a recruiter, send a follow up message and ask for some feedback if there is any!

    Our mission at Focus is to get you placed! Send a resume to us today and let’s start that line of communication.

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