Contract work usually falls in line with a few keywords: flexible, temporary, and/or unstable. However, do we really understand the meaning of these words and what they mean for us when we’re looking for a job?

While contract work is the core of our business, we know there’s a lot of misconceptions about it that may affect your decision to enter that side of the workforce.

Today we’re going to dive into understanding contract work from a flexibility standpoint and we will cover the next two terms in later blogs.

Flexibility Contract work comes in a variety of hours based on the client. If you take a look at our job board, we sometimes have jobs that range from full time 40 hours, part time 20-25 hours, to even one day a week and hours some times start from early to later in the day. Our work also lasts from a range of 3 months to a year, these components give our candidates flexibility.

Flexibility grants some pros:

  • According to your schedule, you can accommodate to family and personal needs on your off time.
  • You have control on when you want to take on another assignment as well as the type of assignment: long-term vs. short-term.
  • The ability to finish an assignment and then get onto another one will diversify your resume faster.
  • Some of our clients have granted work from home options for our candidates and allowed some control over the hours.
  • Flexibility, however, comes with its cons:

  • Based on how long the assignment is projected to last, you may not be able to network and make career developments during your time on the assignment.
  • If you work multiple assignments or you change assignments often, your commute may change drastically depending on the company’s location.
  • Short-Term projects may not be the best for your financial commitments.
  • Long-term projects are not always a guarantee.

  • Is flexibility something you’re considering currently in your career? Let us know.

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