June 1994…Wow. Was it really 25 years ago? My wife, Amy, grew up in the staffing industry working for her dad as a temp (yes we used that word back then), a recruiter, a payroll administrator, salesperson, janitor, and anything else you can imagine. Then I dove in with her and started our company, which today is Focus. I was able to share the same experiences she did with these positions. Overall in those 25 years, we’ve experienced so much in our industry and made great friends in our business that will last a lifetime.

We are celebrating 25 years in business on June 1, 2019, but we are not stopping now! Amy and I are so grateful to the fantastic people that make up Focus, some have been here since day one!

We are thankful for the 40,000 plus employees we have placed on assignments, as well as the customer base that has sustained us and helped us thrive!

Some say it’s boasting to celebrate your own successes…I say we are THANKFUL! In 25 more years, I’ll be 79 years old. Surely, I can handle 25 more!

Blessings to all of you who make Focus a success!

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