The job search journey is not an easy one, but the preparation process is not any different. While there are so many resources online, how can you differentiate good and bad tips? We believe that no advice is better than from those who sit in the hiring chairs themselves; recruiters and hiring managers.

Our recruiters here at Focus interview over hundreds of candidates in a month, both over the phone and in-person. Our recruiters are experienced in screening thoroughly to ensure that candidates align with the job they’re filling.

From that experience, today we’ve collected a couple of tips for you to be best prepared for your interviews – straight from our recruiters!


Arrive within 10-15 minutes early. We advise that you plan your trip so that you arrive early enough to park and/or get to the interview location. Showing up an hour early doesn’t guarantee that you’d be called in immediately, by the way!
Bonus tip: We also appreciate phone calls if you’re expecting to be late! It gives our recruiters enough notice to handle other needs until you arrive, or they can potentially reschedule you for another day.

Show up to impress

No jeans, wrinkled shirts, see-through garments etc. You want the focus to be on you and your skillset not the attire. Consider putting your cell phone away and silence them during your interview because if they go off, it can be distracting for both you and the recruiters.

The Talk

Come prepared to answer questions about: your past experiences, willingness to work, flexibility, leaderships skills, and what you have to offer. Be confident and sell yourself, we believe in you!
Bonus tip: Don’t hold your phones, keys, wallet, purse, water bottles, and other casual items during the interview, it can cause a distraction!


End the interview with any questions you had in mind. Thank your interviewer and ask for a business card so you can follow up with the right recruiter! Sometimes our recruiters help each other interview candidates if we experience high volumes of candidates coming in.

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