Our company started almost 25 years ago, and we have seen the ups and downs in our industry over and over. We have thrived thus far striving to be the best at what we do. We keep the “people” in the “people” business. Right now, there are considerably more open jobs than there are job seekers. Our staff works diligently searching and screening candidates, and making matches for our clients, but…

Time is of the essence!

Candidates looking for an opportunity have MANY choices right now. We must all do our best as recruiters and employers to find the best quality candidate, but we cannot wait. Great candidates in this market have almost no shelf life!

Jack sits at a desk in our office to remind us that we must move quickly, or we just might become Jack.

I’m so proud of awesome job that our folks do every day! We have been staffing GA companies for almost 25 years, and over that quarter of a century, we have assembled an incredible team of people that do get the job done! We appreciate our customers and associates that make us who we are!

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