Ever wonder what really matters in the workplace? Making the employees feel appreciated!

Awarded employees typically will:

  • 1. Be more productive – since they are awarded for their work, it only makes sense to continue that same work ethic!
  • 2. Enjoy work – they feel like their work makes an impact and will focus with more enjoyment.
  • 3. Set an example – with the attention they get from being awarded, they’re setting a gentle reminder to other employees to also work hard and earn that recognition.

  • Our candidates are the core of our business. Unfortunately, we realized that at times the best ones go unannounced.
    In order to change this, Focus introduced a reward program: Focus Spotlight. Here’s what some of our hiring mangers had to say about some of our most recent awardees.

    “Christine has proven herself time and time again as a hard worker. She is always eager to learn new things. Christine has gone beyond the call of duty for the team and I cannot be more grateful. She is always willing to lend a helping hand. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Ms. Patterson to [us] as a fulltime employee.“

    “Ms. Clark is an exceptional employee and we truly enjoy having her as part of our team. She works very hard in a very demanding position. [Ms. Clark] volunteers to adjust her work schedule when needed to accommodate the work load and holiday schedules. [Overall,] has a very positive attitude and is a contributing team member. She is friendly and professional at all times.“

    Know of a hard working employee?

    Here at Focus, we do our best to provide the right tools of success to our employees – rewarding them is one of those. Do you currently have an employee we should recognize? Send us an email and let us know

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