Hiring might be one of the most challenging tasks an employer has. It’s a delicate balance of finding the most talented candidates who will fit into your company culture and making the right offer. And if you don’t treat those candidates the right way, updating them throughout the process you risk losing them to a competing company. Here are four easy ways to keep your applicants interested during the hiring process.

Simplify Your Application Process

Though it might be tempting to make your application process long and complicated so that it weeds out the best candidates, you risk frustrating talented ones. If your job openings are hard to search, if there are too many clicks, if the applicants are required to enter too much information, or if your site isn’t mobile friendly, many candidates will simply give up and move on to another company. It should be an easy and intuitive process that only takes a few minutes. And remember that most job seekers won’t use their work computers to apply to jobs, so it’s best to have an application that can be completed on a smartphone or tablet.

Follow Up Promptly

When it comes down to it, candidates will stay interested in you if you seem interested in them. If they don’t hear from you regularly, they’re going to assume that you hired someone else. Or worse, they’ll get frustrated that they spent all that time filling out an application and composing a cover letter, and you can’t take a few minutes to update them. They might think your lack of communication is indicative of your company’s inefficiency. Reply to all applicants within 24 to 48 hours of receiving their application with a warm and friendly email. Thank them for their interest in your company and let them know where you are in your process.

After that, check in regularly, at least weekly. Keep a tracking system—a spreadsheet or other database—so you know who you’ve reached out to, what their strengths are, and how they might fit into your company. Know which candidates can bring value to your company and let them know that when you communicate with them.

Choose the Best Cultural Fit

Remember that sometimes a cultural fit is more important than how educated or experienced a candidate might be. Look for workers with good interpersonal skills, who are conscientious and likable, and who are relatively extroverted and can work well with others.

Be Proactive About Finding Talent

Always be on the lookout for more talent. If you have exceptionally qualified candidates applying for jobs who aren’t quite the best match for this particular position, keep them on file for the next time there’s an opening in your company. If you have a database of solid candidates, you’ll be ready to go the next time you’re trying to hire someone.

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