Unemployment is at an all-time low, which means that there’s not a huge pool of talented workers out there constantly checking your job board. Instead, the talent pool is small and those workers are going to be very selective about the jobs they take. If you find someone who’s qualified to work in your company, make sure you’re doing everything you can to make them an offer they can’t refuse. And in the meantime, make sure your current employees are happy and loyal! Follow our tips below on how to make your current company culture a positive place to be.

Company Culture is a Perk

When job seekers are weighing their job offers, one of the factors that they strongly consider is company culture. They want to be in a positive, upbeat environment that will keep them motivated and engaged, not drained or resentful. They’re searching for effective leadership, opportunities for growth, chances to collaborate, a positive work-life balance, merit rewards and perks. And they want to know that their work has meaning, that getting up each morning and reporting to their workstation is significant—either to your company or to the world as a whole.

Live Your Core Values

So many companies show off their core values on their website, and then never do anything to actually live them out. Living those core values have to start with management! Then they trickle down so that every single person within your company’s walls is adhering to your values and they’re driving all decision-making. Don’t hire anyone who doesn’t exemplify your values and don’t hesitate to let someone go who’s disregarded them. When your employees know that you take core values seriously, they’ll know that they can trust you, they’ll be motivated to do great things, and they’ll help power your company towards sustainable growth.

Be Transparent

Be open and honest with your employees so they know what to expect and they know they can trust you. Have frequent check-ins with your team so you can hear about progress and field questions. It’s important for your employees to feel like they have a chance to voice their opinions, ask questions, and provide feedback. Employees need to feel trusted and respected! When they feel like they’re being kept out of the loop and their voice isn’t heard or validated, they will grow bitter and resentful. Give them the tools they need to feel empowered to be successful at their jobs. And when you make a decision, be transparent about what went into that decision, so they’ll understand what factors were weighed in the process.

Focus on Long-Term Goals

Don’t put too much on the short-term goals! They cause stress and might lead you to micromanage. Instead, keep the end game in sight. Remind yourself (and your team) what you’re all working towards to keep them motivated, excited, and engaged.

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