So you need a new job! And you’ve taken all the right steps—you updated your resume, cleaned up your social media profiles, drafted a cover letter, alerted your network, and …now what? You’ve forgotten one important step. And it could be this step that’s the difference between finding the job of your dreams and settling for a job that’s just mediocre. The one surprising step you should take to find your next job opportunity is to….**drumroll, please**…work with a staffing agency! Here’s what a staffing agency can do for you.

Do the Job Search for You

Staffing agencies have access to a huge network of companies and job openings in your area. They knew who’s hiring even before those postings have been made public. They can find openings that match your talents, interests, and skills and can probably help you get your foot in the door—for free!

Market Your Talent

The staffing agencies are actually paid by the companies they hire for, so everything they do for you is free. They’ll share your resume with the right companies and advocate for you to make sure you find the job that’s best suited for you.

Provide Insight into the Industry

Recruiters usually specialize in one or two industries so they know exactly what you need to do to get hired, tailoring your resume accordingly, advising you on how to show off your best skills, and matching you with the best opportunity to advance your career. And since they’re industry experts, they can help you figure out which job offer is best, knowing which salaries and benefits packages are competitive.

Clean Up Your Resume

Crafting a good resume is a real art, but a staffing agency can help you with that! They know which key words, skills, and accomplishments will stand out to hiring managers and which experiences they’re really looking for. They’ll help you polish your whole application package so that it catches a hiring manager’s eye and doesn’t get shuffled to the bottom of the stack.

Add to Your Skills

Sometimes those experienced recruiters will notice gaps in your resume that might be critical when it comes to whether or not to hire you. You might be missing a certain certification or licensure that an employer deems essential, and the staffing agency can hook you up with the right resources to fills those gaps. The extra training will not only strengthen you as a quality candidate, it also might make you eligible for a higher salary range or high-tiered jobs.

Provide Interview Coaching

Nothing is more stressful than a job interview, but with coaching from a staffing agency, you can make sure you’re walking into each one with confidence and poise. They’ll guide you through rehearsals and give you feedback and tips so you’ll be prepared to speak about yourself and your career with ease.

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