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The holiday season is a time to give and show you care. You’ve probably already thought about gifts for your friends and family, but don’t overlook your employees. Showing your employees you care is more than just being nice, it’s good for the health of your business. When your employees feel appreciated and valued, they’re more likely to be fully engaged at work and to stay with your company longer. Most workers report that they work harder when they feel appreciated by their boss. Here are three ways to say thank you to your employees this season:

1. Make it more personal

If you have the funds choose prizes instead of cash. If you can, personalize it to your employees’ needs or lifestyles. Most people report that they’d rather be rewarded with a trip than a cash bonus. On a smaller scale, other employees might appreciate movie tickets, a box of their favorite cookies, a subscription to a magazine that you know they’ll like, or a gift card to their favorite restaurant. By giving a prize that has meaning, you’re showing that you thought about the person. Be sure to let them know that this is a gift of appreciation, that you’re grateful for their efforts or that they met a certain goal. Your consideration will boost morale and earn employee loyalty.

2. Just say thank you

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Say thank you with a handwritten card and a personalized message with your true feelings of appreciation. And an email can be just as effective. Be specific—mention a few actions that really make a difference in your company or a particular goal they reached that was really crucial. Just show your employees that you applaud their efforts, notice what they do, and don’t take them for granted.

3. Celebrate victories

Show your gratitude publicly. You can make an announcement in a meeting, with a banner, or by throwing a holiday party. Your employees will appreciate being commended in front of their peers or you can address the whole team at one—thanking everyone who’s contributed to another successful year. If possible, do something special, like a catered lunch, a happy hour, or a fun, offsite team building activity.

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