An accounts payable clerk is a crucial piece of any organization. They complete payments and control a company’s expenses by receiving, processing, verifying, and reconciling invoices. Any company looking to hire a new clerk is going to be extra careful, making sure they hire the most qualified and talented person for the job. Here’s what employers want to see in their next accounts payable clerk.

Seeking the right skills and traits

An accounts payable clerk deals with numbers all day long, and the smallest adding mistake could potentially cost the company thousands of dollars. Most of the math is done by computer nowadays—which means they’ll need to be proficient with a computer and accounting software—but general math and accounting skills are still important. Since almost all the money that gets paid out by the company gets approved by accounts payable, they need to be thorough, organized, and have a great attention to detail. Oversight is important. A misplaced decimal point or a wrong signature could cost the company money—or at least a headache when it comes time for an audit. A good accounts payable clerk also needs to possess an ability to analyze information, maintain good relationships with vendors, track budget expenses, and enter data.

Looking for experience

The duties for an accounts payable clerk are extensive! There’s a lot of verifying reports, checking entries, filing and storing data, and handling checks. They’re responsible for a lot of confidential information, records, cash, and federal ID numbers. They update account balances and transactions, prepare checks, and schedule payments. A good clerk must have experience with a variety of people. They work with colleagues and co-workers and make sure vendors get paid.

Passionate about passion

And more than anything, hiring managers want someone who’s passionate about accounting and genuinely interested in working for their company. It’s best to ask good, thoughtful questions about company culture, software and accounting policies—anything that demonstrates they’re thinking ahead and starting to consider the company’s needs. They shouldn’t hesitate to share a few tidbits about their personal hobbies and interests in the interview interview, just so hiring managers get a peek into their personality. And the best accounts payable clerks need to be ambitious and meticulous, constantly seeking to stay apprised of updates and trends in the accounting world by looking for educational opportunities.

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