You don’t want to seem too eager in a job interview. It’s like dating—if you’re seeing someone who calls too much, texts all day long, and wants to see you all the time, it usually ends up being a turn-off. And the same is true in a job interview. If you’re too eager, you risk seeming desperate. Here are six bad habits you need to fix so you don’t risk sounding too eager in a job interview.

Forcing your strengths

If you try to oversell your strengths, your risk coming across as arrogant or self-centered. Remember that the interview is about how you’re a good fit for the company’s needs, not about how great you are. How can you solve their problems? Instead of listing your skills and achievements, ask more in-depth questions about what their needs, what their goals are, and what their challenges are. This shows that you’re forward thinking and prioritizing what you can do for them.

Talking too much

Of course they want to hear from you, but they want thoughtful responses, not endless, unfocused rambling. And maybe you’re just talking because you’re passionate about your industry and slightly nervous, but you don’t want to seem rude. Practice your answers ahead of time, so you can make sure your answers are thorough and concise.

Showing up without a meeting

Don’t show up to the office unannounced. You can send a follow-up email or phone call after a few days, but the ball is in their court. Send a thank you note and then sit back and wait. It’s not easy to do, but the hiring managers and recruiters aren’t looking for you to visit after the interview is over. And if you don’t hear back at all, especially after a follow-up, you can probably assume that that opportunity is dead.

Being too casual

It’s great if you can seem comfortable and confident, but don’t confuse your relationship with the interviewer as a friendship. Stay professional and act like you’re in a business meeting—let your authentic personality shine, but no personal details unless your asked.

Saying “yes” too readily

You want to seem agreeable and like a go-getter but remember that they’re interested in you for your innovative ideas and the impact you’ll make on the company, not for your ability to say yes to everything. Show off your skills, experiences and anything else that sets you apart from the rest of the competition.

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