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You may have noticed that a job interview can feel a bit like a first date: Both parties are sitting down to find out if a long-term relationship is in the cards.

And like a first date, your natural inclination is to try to impress the other person. However, it’s important in both situations that you don’t go overboard and make it an exercise in trying to gain approval. Simply put, sometimes the best way to impress is not trying to impress.

It helps to consider what type of company management would want to hire people who come in and fawn all over them. Managers that fall for excessive praise hire a lot of people who know how to ‘sweet talk’ someone else, but how are they to work with?

So, what’s the one thing you should do to impress your interviewer?

Be Confident!

Great managers will tell you they are drawn to applicants who project confidence and know what they are worth to an employer.

How to Project Confidence

Fear can be a powerful influence on performance. When you are concerned about landing a paycheck or prestigious position, you’ll naturally begin to fear the prospect of falling short.

Thorough preparation helps keep fear at bay and remain cool during an interview. Read all you can about a company, its products, latest news and even the hiring manager who is going to interview you. Use all this research to figure out what issues this manager is looking to address and how you can address those issues with skills and experience.

In addition to research, it helps to do numerous practice interviews with a trusted person who will press you to do your best. This person shouldn’t go easy on you by asking softball questions and accepting all your answers at face value. Instead, they should be asking follow-up questions and providing you with honest feedback.

Finally, it helps to remember: You have nobody to impress but yourself. If you do your best in an interview but don’t get the job, you can still walk away from the experience with your head held high. When the proper opportunity for you does come along and you’re prepared to grab it, you’ll wind up in a great job situation.

Want more help with your job interview?

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