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Hiring personnel are in a constant battle to locate the best person for a job, and too often discover they have made a bad hire. Alas, there’s no perfect formula for hiring a new employee.

There are, however, common approaches to picking the ideal candidate out of a group of applicants. Some techniques involve targeted interview questions, specifically worded job descriptions or personal assessments. Consider the following approaches the next time you have to pick out the perfect candidate.

1. Use a skills assessment

For highly technical jobs, you need to hire a candidate with superior technical skills, plain and simple. However, skills assessments are useful for less technical jobs as well. For instance, admin applicants could be assessed on their email composition skills or data entry speed.

In addition to providing quantifiable measurements for each candidate, assessments can also indicate each applicant’s ability to follow directions.

2. Require a short presentation

As part of the in-person interview, some companies ask applicants to put together a short presentation on one of their career highlights. These presentations can be used to pick out which candidates can handle pressure and organize their thoughts into a cohesive package.

3. Put specific, unique instructions in the job posting

Finding the perfect candidate is a lot easier if you don’t have to assess applicants who can’t read and follow basic directions. Many employers ask potential applicants to complete a couple of specific steps or include specific documents with an application or else they won’t be considered for the position. Asking for one or two extra things also causes people who aren’t serious about the job to opt out of the process.

4. Hold an unscheduled phone interview

The problem with interviews is that most people are well prepared for them. Cold calling applicants is a good way to get an idea of a candidate’s degree of knowledge and passion for the industry, as well as the company’s products or services. Hiring personnel can also try to find applicants they can have a genuine conversation with and see fitting into the existing company culture.

5. Ask, “What are you most proud of?”

This is a way of discovering what drives them; their fundamental inspiration, which is a great indication of their general disposition. A question like this will also show if the applicant has an inclination towards one skill set that is useful or transferable to other tasks.

6. Ask a question that provides incomplete information

Famously asked of applicants to Google, questions like “How long would it take you to walk the length of the Great Wall of China?” can provide a glimpse into how applicants think.

At Focus of Georgia, we pride ourselves on locating the best-fit candidates for our clients’ open positions. If your company is currently looking for help finding great talent, please contact us today.


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