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So, you’ve recently finished school and are faced with the “biggest decision of your life”.  It doesn’t have to be that way! Take your time. Don’t stress about finding the perfect job right out of the gate. Staffing companies are here to help.

  1. Test drive it. Staffing companies offer opportunities to put your toe in the water without having to jump off the high dive into the deep end.There are many options right now, so you can pick one and see if that industry might be right for you. Would you buy a car without test driving it first? You might drive several cars until you find the one that’s right for you. “Test drive” your career and industry by utilizing a staffing company.
  1. Put me in the game, coach. An assignment with a staffing company can immerse you in the business world and get your mind and body into a productive state. Being too picky might result in missing the perfect opportunity just because you were on the sideline. Get in the game!
  1. The resume’ black hole. When you work with the right staffing company, you put yourself in front of people who have the ear of decision makers. Many hiring managers empower companies like Focus of Georgia to be an extension of themselves, enabling and diversifying their reach to potential candidates far beyond what they could do on their own.
  1. Flexibility. There are a lot of things going on in your life right now and you need to be flexible to move to the next challenge life presents. Staffing companies offer opportunities to take time off between assignments, work part time, do project work on your schedule and more. We can give you room to breathe and not suffocate you with a “lifetime” job that ties you down to someone else’s schedule.
  1. You need feathers. I’m touching on the old saying, “a feather in your cap,” as it refers to having experience in a certain domain. When you feel it’s time to immerse yourself in your field of choice, you’ll need experience. Diverse experience can be obtained by taking advantage of the opportunities a staffing company like Focus offers (see our job board here). Collecting those “feathers” also helps guide you toward the right career path. You might not know what your calling is until you’ve gotten that experience.

Ready to get out there? We can help you find your new comfort zone. Contact Focus of Georgia today!

Bryan Shockley is president of Focus of Georgia. He provides the company with vision, direction and well…Focus.

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