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“Nothing happens until someone sells something.”

That quote has been attributed to everyone from Henry Ford to Peter Drucker, but it isn’t all that important who said it first. Instead, it’s the message—someone has to sell something before anything else can happen—that counts.

Sales get the ball rolling, and if you’re looking to enter the sales field, working in a call center is an excellent place to start. You’ll gain sales experience that will help prepare you for the challenging world of outside sales, where you’ll meet your prospects in person.

Below are seven tips to help turn you into a call center superstar:

  1. Work on your attitude

Your greatest asset is the right attitude. Start your day by being positive and try to keep it upbeat throughout the day. Most prospects will be turned off by negativity (or even a neutral tone) in your voice, while a lilt in your voice can be infectious.

  1. Learn your prospects’ names

Make sure you know how to pronounce the prospect’s name correctly before you make the call. If you’re not sure, check with someone who knows. If you start a call by mispronouncing a prospect’s name, you’ll quickly lose credibility.

  1. Stick to the key points of your script

Familiarize yourself with the script your employer has provided. It’s okay to personalize it to match your personality as long as you stay with the required language that describes your product or service.

  1. Practice until it sounds natural

It’s important to practice your script, so it doesn’t seem like you’re reading it to a prospect. Ask someone in your family or a friend to listen to you. They can help you relax and give you feedback. Practicing will provide you with more confidence and the ability to sound natural and friendly.

  1. Know your product

When your prospects ask you a question, it’s better if you can answer them right away rather than putting them on hold until you can find an answer. If you’re going to be able to do that, you should know all the features and benefits of the products or services you’re offering.

  1. Keep focused until the call ends

Start your calls strong and try to maintain that level throughout. Some calls will last longer than others, so it’s vital that you stay focused and confident after you have moved away from the script.

  1. Listen closely to feedback

Sometimes you’ll find patterns in the questions or objections you get from prospects. Take note of these and share them with your manager. You’ll be able to work together to find solutions to help you in future calls.

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