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Anyone who is job hunting is looking to make a good impression on the interviewer with the hope of being invited for a second interview. Of course, you need to be impressive enough to earn the initial meeting, so your resume and cover letter need to stand out from an often-crowded field of candidates.

Here are four suggestions for making a favorable impression on the next hiring manager you encounter. Following these tips will get you called back for a second meeting and perhaps a job offer!

Your resume and cover letter should be targeted to the position

It’s critical that you write a cover letter that addresses the company and job for which you’re applying. Hiring managers are often busy and don’t have the time to connect your cover letter with the job description. Make sure you make that connection for them by clearly showing that you are the right fit for the job.

The same rules apply to your resume. It must be customized to show your relevant accomplishments first and then follow with jobs, titles, and responsibilities in chronological order. Both your cover letter and resume should make it easy for the hiring manager to recognize you as a qualified candidate.

Thoroughly prepare for your interview

Research the company to get to know them. What do they do? In which industry are they? Who are their competitors? What’s their history? You can get most of this information from their website. You might even get an idea of the company’s culture there. Being prepared will favorably impress the interviewer, and you will increase the quality of the interview significantly.

When you get the call inviting you for an interview, don’t ask “How do I get there?” With today’s technology, you shouldn’t be wasting the hiring manager’s time with directions. Once again, it’s all part of showing what kind of employee you’ll be. A simple “Thank you. I’ll see you then” will make the best impression.

Work around your potential employer’s schedule

Use a personal day or vacation time for the interview if you’re presently employed. Don’t ask your potential employer to make special arrangements for you after working hours. Think about it this way: They’ve already been through a long day. Do you really want them judging you when they are tired and possibly stressed out?

Make an all-around good impression

If you want a second interview, you need to ace the first one. So remember, your interview starts even before you enter the building. Treat everyone you meet with respect (and that means everyone!). That maintenance man you rudely dismissed might be a close friend of the hiring manager, and the receptionist with whom you were curt may be asked for her impression of you.

Also, arrive a few minutes ahead of time, dress appropriately, and bring another resume with references. You’re being tested to determine if you’re a good fit for the organization. Make sure you pass it!

We can help you get that second interview

Work with our local Georgia recruiting company. We have the experience to assist you with your job search.  Contact Focus of Georgia to use our resources to help you land your next job.


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