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It doesn’t matter what type or size business you run, cybersecurity is critical and must be up to today’s standards. But even if you have taken all the steps to make your business secure, unless your workers are taking the threat seriously, you’ll never be able to guarantee its safety.

Too many organizations discount the human factor in planning for cybersecurity. But if the people who work there don’t understand that what they are doing could be putting your business at risk, all of the other security measures could be for naught.

Fortunately, there are ways to educate your employees and raise their security awareness so you can increase the overall safety of your company. Here are three important steps:

  1. Train your workers constantly

Your people will likely forget what they heard in a once-and-done cybersecurity training session. Better results come from continuous training throughout the year. It can take a lot of time and effort to get the training to stick with your people, but it’s the best way to ensure success.

And that training needs to be specific to the position they hold and the threats they may encounter. Your HR department should be on guard for malware and phishing emails, while IT will be more concerned with technical attacks. Every area of the company needs to be prepared for a security breach, so workers can react quickly and minimize any damage.

  1. Put them to the test

Training your people is an important phase of cybersecurity. But if you’re going to be sure that they have grasped the training, they need to be tested. Some call these tests “live fire exercises” because they simulate a cybersecurity attack and give you a chance to see how your people respond.

You can have your own IT department stage the attack, or you can hire someone to do it. Either way, the workers will get a clearer picture of what it would be like in a real attack and your company will be able to judge its state of security.

  1. Do check-ups and evaluations

Cybersecurity requires planning and evaluating. After you have tested your strategies and systems, you should be doing regular check-ups and evaluations that involve your employees and security systems.

When it comes to cybersecurity, effective communication is a must. You need to be able to describe an issue in a way that they can understand so that they can discover, prevent, or avoid anything suspicious or malicious.

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