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You need the right employees to keep your business heading in the right direction. It’s a simple formula: Hire good people and get good results. There’s just one thing … despite all time, effort, and money you spend to get the very best people, you’re still going to end up with some bad hires.

Some employers take a wait-and-see attitude toward an apparent hiring mistake: Give them a chance, and maybe they’ll come around. Unfortunately, that doesn’t typically happen. If the signs of a bad hire are there early on, they’ll likely still be there several months down the road.

The best thing to do is to check for tell-tale signs of trouble and listen to what your current employees have to say when a new employee joins the company. Here are some of those signs you have a bad hire on your hands:

Lots of complaining

Most workers occasionally get disgruntled on the job, but a constant complainer can create a toxic environment. They can spread their negativity to their co-workers, seeking company for their perceived misery. They look for excuses not to do assignments they don’t like, and seldom, if ever, do they take the initiative in getting things done.

If any of your new hires are so dissatisfied that they can’t stop whining, put them out of their misery by sending them packing.

Doesn’t fit into the company’s culture

Despite your best efforts to find someone who fits into your company’s unique culture, you might not always succeed. A company’s culture keeps key employees in place because it reflects their values and their place on the team. When your new hire is out of place, it will become obvious in their level of productivity and interactions with other team members. It will eventually disrupt the harmony within the organization.

Won’t go above and beyond

You probably did a good job of going over the job description with your new employee. Good employees take that as the basics of what they’ll be doing and expand from there. Bad hires view it as a limitation to what they are willing to do. “That’s not my job” becomes their often-quoted motto.

Constantly comparing your company to his former company

You hire someone because they gained the necessary experience at another company. Just be on the lookout for that newbie who still has one foot in his old company after he has started working for you. Once a new hire agrees to start with your company, you have every right to expect them to adapt to your system and their new team. If they insist on referring to how they did things at their former job, you’ll know you made a mistake with this hire.

Are you looking to replace a bad hire?

Give Focus of Georgia a call! We’ll help you find an employee to groom for success, someone who will help improve your team and grow your business. For more management tips or ideas on bringing the best and brightest into your organization, contact our experts today.



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