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Looking for a job will probably be stressful for you. Why? Because you’re already unhappy with your situation (you’re either unemployed or working at a job you dislike). You can’t do anything about the other applicants who want the same job as you, or the grouchy hiring manager, but the good news is you are in control.

You can decide what your mood is going to be, and if you choose to be happy, you’ve just upped your chances of being hired. Happy candidates are successful candidates, and there are good reasons for it. Take a look at the traits of positive-thinking job seekers and see if you can’t incorporate these traits into your life.

They focus on what they do well

You’ve heard it many times: Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. Of course, you can’t always do what you love, but you can find ways to love what you do. Take that same enthusiasm you have for work you enjoy and use it for finding your next job. That attitude will shine through at your next interview. And after you’re hired, take it to the workplace.

They are grateful for what they have

Happy people are thankful for what they have; they don’t focus on what they don’t have. Getting that next job is important to them, but what they already have—family, friends, and possessions—makes them feel grateful. It takes a great deal of pressure from your job hunt when you realize how much you have in your life now. And it makes you much happier!

They enjoy helping others

Selfless people always seem to be happy, but when they are helping others, they are giving something away. Shouldn’t that run counter to happiness?

Not at all!  It feels wonderful to be able to help someone who needs it. It’s a reminder of how lucky we are to be in a position to offer assistance. It turns out that it’s more beneficial to the giver than to the recipient. And it’s one of the keys to a happy life.

They have lasting friendships

You know you need a professional network to find your next job, but they are not likely to be a real source of happiness for you. Building strong relationships outside of work (and at work after you have been hired) correlates to a happier life—and a longer one according to some studies!

They pursue their goals with enthusiasm

Pursuing your goals can make you happy. Without goals, you’re merely a dreamer. Be grateful for what you have, and then pursue your next goal (that job you’ve been hoping for!) with all the enthusiasm you can muster. Just remember, happiness isn’t one of your goals—you already have it in abundance!

Let us help you regain control

When you work with our local Georgia recruiting company, you’ll find many more suggestions for navigating the job market. With these tips and the support of a hiring expert, your job search will be a much less stressful process. Contact Focus of Georgia to assist you in landing your next job.


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