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It’s tempting to try to include everything from your professional background on your resume. While it is important to list your experiences, skills and achievements, you don’t have to pack your resume with all the details of your work history. As you’ve probably heard, sometimes less is more.

This advice might sound contrary to conventional wisdom, but it isn’t always a good idea to share everything. Put yourself in the shoes a recruiter, looking over all the same details from multiple jobs where you had similar duties. Could get boring, right?

You don’t want to lose an opportunity for a great job because your resume failed to impress. What you do want is a resume that induces the reader to take a closer look at you in person. Yes, that means an interview!

If you don’t want hiring managers skimming through your information and quickly moving on to the next applicant, you have to get and hold their attention. Here are some ideas to help you.

Use Language to Spice up Your Resume

If you are one of those applicants who have had similar roles throughout their careers, you could get trapped by a repetitive resume. So, instead of showing the sameness of your various jobs, point out the differences by noting the diverse skills that were required for each, and your distinctive achievements while working there.

Here’s an example of a resume from a call center applicant. Call center representatives typically have the same duties no matter where they are employed. Changing the wording can set your resume apart from similar candidates:


“Call center representative using customer service skills to answer questions and resolve minor problems.”


“Customer service specialist handling 1,00 to 200 calls per day, provided customer satisfaction by resolving issues quickly and efficiently. Excellent data entry skills.”

These are two descriptions of the same duties, but they don’t sound the same because of the unique wording. You can get ideas on how to switch up your descriptions by looking at job listings online.

Focus on You

Remember, potential employers are most interested in what you can do for their company. Focus your resume on the skills that are unique to the job to which you’re applying. If the call center receives calls from Spanish-speaking customers, be sure to point out that you are bi-lingual. If you won a customer-satisfaction award in August of 2017, you should call attention to that.

Rather than listing all the details of each job you’ve held, focus on what you did that will be pertinent to your new position. When you list the times you went beyond the call of duty, you’re creating a resume with differences from job to job, and, at the same time, you are showing your achievements and making the case that you will be a highly motivated team member.

Let Us Help You With Your Resume

When you work with our local Georgia recruiting company, you’ll find many more suggestions for navigating the job market. With these tips and the support of a hiring expert, your job search will be a much less stressful process. Contact Focus of Georgia to assist you in landing your next job.


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