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Can you believe it? Baby boomers, those children of the post-World War II era, are gradually aging out of their jobs, and millennials, many of whom are children of the boomers, have now grown to represent over one-third of the country’s workforce.

Despite the negative press they have gotten at times, millennials aren’t so very different from previous generations. They just aren’t as compliant as their predecessors, willing to speak up when they disagree with their employer’s business practices and stubbornly holding out until they get what they want.

But nothing that these forty-somethings want from a career will prevent them from filling the need for today’s clerical workers. But to get them on board, progressive employers will have to meet their needs as well.

So, what is important to these millennials? Are they asking for too much? Will the new workplace have to conform to them?

Millennials will make fine clerical workers but…

Millennials might have the same desire for work-life balance and career growth as boomers and Generation X, but unlike the previous generations who conformed to the workplace, millennials are looking to make the workplace conform to them. And they have the power of numbers and a low-employment economy on their side.

For starters, companies would be advised to revise their onboarding practices. Orientations would need to include more than filling out forms and being shown a desk. Millennials want to see a plan that shows how the organization is going to promote their personal growth and where opportunities for advancement lie. Businesses that can’t offer these opportunities will be hard-pressed to attract and retain millennial talent.

Millennials expect to be engaged

Building a culture that attracts millennials isn’t very complicated, but it won’t happen unless companies make them feel engaged. It’s not unusual for millennials to want to blend their personal and professional lives. Happy hours, charity events, social functions and the like are things that matter to them, and none of these has a strict delineation between professional and personal.

That’s how millennials want it: the company as an extension of who they are. And they want to be accepted into the company’s social circle. They are hoping to be part of the company’s “family,” and that makes achieving the work-life balance that they crave all the more natural.

No, it isn’t that hard to find good millennial clerical workers. Why would it be? All they’re looking for is engaging work, a positive balance between work and life, and an opportunity to make a difference in their careers and the world.  Who can blame them?

Could you use more tips for dealing with this interesting generation?

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