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As a business owner or manager, you can appreciate your employees’ desire to get ahead by taking on more responsibilities and dedicating more hours to their jobs. After all, they are living the American dream of climbing that ladder of success.

But it’s crucial that you remind them that those same dreams can end up as nightmares without a proper work-life balance. All work and no play does not lead to long-term, sustainable success.

Employees who do have a positive work-life balance, however, have been shown to be better at their jobs, so it makes good business sense to encourage balanced living as a starting point toward a successful career.

Here are some strategies:

Remove the guilt

It’s up to you to show understanding and support whenever one of your people needs to take some time to recharge. It’s important for you to remember that many of your employees’ best ideas will come when they are relaxed and allowing their minds to wander freely.

By permitting your workers to be mindful of their limits, they can practice the kind of guilt-free self-care that promotes their productivity and creativity. Empower them to decide when they’ve hit those limits, and they’ll be at their best most of the time.

Champion self-care

Everyone needs the occasional reminder to look after themselves physically and mentally. You have the opportunity to promote work-life balance by telling your people to ask for help when they need it and providing the resources they need to accomplish their tasks.

Every one of your team members will experience stress sometime. Encourage them to find a coping mechanism that works for them. Meditation is a wonderful method to explore. And with so many online resources, it easily accessible for almost anyone.

Create an optimistic work environment

Have you ever walked into an office and felt the cold chill of a negative atmosphere? That probably started at the top. Make sure your top people are creating an optimistic work environment because research has shown it’s the best way to keep your workers productive and happy.

Encourage your team to focus on positive thoughts and statements in all phases of their lives. And that is much easier when your employees are adhering to the tenets of a positive work-life balance.

Set the example

Lead by example. When your people see you leaving the office at a reasonable hour and the business doesn’t collapse, they will realize they can do it, too. By setting your own boundaries for work and life, you benefit yourself and everyone who’s watching you.

Your successful business begins with good employees

Focus of Georgia is here to help you improve your business. We’ll work with you to find the best employees, including top-notch managers. Contact us. We are eager to see how we can work with you to make your business grow.


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