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You already know that creative job postings are an important part of attracting the best talent to your business. But are you sure your advertising isn’t inadvertently isolating one section of the community?

Of course, you’re looking for the best fit for the open position, but you also want to encourage applications from all candidates regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality or disability. Here are a few suggestions to help you attract a more diverse talent pool:

Watch your language

Language is crucial within the content of the job advertisement. Is the language in your posting inclusive, accessible, and welcoming?

When you describe the position, are you using gender-neutral language? Job titles such as “Outside Sales Rock Star” and “Marketing Guru” have a definite masculine feel and would likely discourage women from applying.

Include a company diversity statement to show your organization’s commitment to diversity.

Then take a look at your company’s language guidelines to ensure they are empowering, inclusive, and gender-neutral for everyone.

Advertise to a wider audience

One of the easiest things you can do to attract a diverse set of candidates is to advertise in places that appeal to a wider group. That alone will automatically increase the range of candidates that apply.

Solicit the advice and insights from outside specialists. Engaging with diversity networks and talking with diversity-focused talent specialists will give you a better chance of finding more diverse candidates.

Once again, don’t hesitate to share any of your diversity credentials within your job postings. If you show that diversity is an integral part of your company, you’ll likely attract a broader range of candidates.

Think about the images in your ads

If you use visuals in your job ads, make sure they reflect the demography of the people reading the publications. Imagery that represents the individuals you are open to hiring can be very effective.

Eliminate the list of requirements

Instead of running a traditional job description, focus on what the candidate will accomplish in the role. When you publish a list of requirements or qualifications, men are more likely to apply even when they meet only a percentage of the list. Women, on the other hand, won’t usually apply unless they meet all of them.

Cutting out the requirements and checklists will give you access to more talent from women and minorities.

Do you need help building a diverse team?

The experts at Focus of Georgia welcome the chance to work with you. Contact us. We can help you to develop your team and grow your business.



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