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Once upon a time, most employers bought into the theory that fearful workers were productive workers. Hold their jobs over their heads, and they’ll work like crazy to save them.

Then, somewhere along the line, some forward-thinking manager (or maybe it was a psychologist) realized that fear is not the best motivator, and scared employees are not necessarily the most productive.

So, if workers can’t be intimidated into high productivity, they reasoned, maybe paying them higher wages is the answer. And while that was a good start, it turns out that the answer wasn’t that simple.

You see, your employees are not machines. You can’t just add more fuel (money) and expect them to go faster. Instead, realize that they are human beings with all the complexities that go along with being human.

Understanding that, here are a few suggestions for getting the most from your complex human workers:

Set up clear communication channels

You waste too much time when your people aren’t communicating effectively. Your company must be setting up communication systems that allow employees to be part of the process. With open and two-way communication channels, you’re prepared for the inevitable conflicts that require people to openly discuss their concerns and talk about possible solutions to the issues.

Give them work that matches their skills

Every manager should be able to delegate the right task to the right employee. Although this can be difficult for smaller companies, matching up the strengths of your workers to the tasks that you require of them ensures that productivity will increase—and so will morale.

Reduce the number of assignments you give them

Have your workers focus on one or two important tasks each day instead of loading them with half a dozen or more, most of which are not critical and take away from productivity. When you prioritize the work and assign it according to that schedule, you allow your team to dedicate themselves to the most important work. Save the mundane, lower priority tasks for those days when your team has caught up with the urgent projects.

Provide proper training

Training your employees is never a waste of time or money. Although some companies are concerned that their newly-trained workers will seek greener pastures, it’s more likely that you’ll be solidifying their loyalty and creating a more productive and satisfied worker.

Ask their opinion

Talk to your employees regularly. Solicit feedback from them by asking how they are doing and then asking how you are doing. When you take the time to ask for their opinion, you let them know that you care about them, and you make them feel like an important part of the team.

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