Goal Setting


Have you set your goals for 2018? We’re not talking about those New Year’s resolutions here. You know those half-hearted promises you make each January that are usually abandoned and forgotten by mid-February. Those are things you wish you could do but they rarely turn into goals.

This year, take another approach. Sit down and think about where you want to go and come up with a plan to get there. A road map of sorts. That’s what goals are: a set of directions from where you are to where you’re going. They’re specific, and they’ll keep you on track.

There are countless good reasons for setting your professional goals, but here are three of the most important. They work equally well in your personal and professional life. Look closely at them; you could find yourself in a better place next year!

Goals eliminate distractions

With your eye on your goals, you’ll be much less likely to get involved in unproductive activities that lead you off course. With a long-term, goal-oriented perspective, you quickly learn to tell the difference between irrelevant and important short-term activities. In other words, it will be easier to sort out your priorities.

For example, if your goal is to become proficient in digital marketing, you’ll spend your free time learning more about marketing automation platforms instead of paging through Facebook postings. Goals tend to sharpen your focus that way.

You can track your progress

Only if you have a plan can you see and track your progress toward what you want. If your goal is to run a half-marathon in six months, you can see your progress as your initial thirty-minute, two-and-a-half mile long run becomes a two-hour ten-mile run. Or if your goal is to weigh 130 pounds by summer, you can track the weight loss as you continue toward your goal weight.

What you’re doing is recording short-term successes on your path to your long-term objective. Even if you encounter barriers along the way, you can make the necessary adjustments and proceed as planned.

They hold you accountable

Committing yourself to a goal makes you accountable for seeing it through. Accountability helps you stay motivated. All those little victories along the way are satisfying and inspire us to keep pursuing our goals.

One tip: If you’re concerned that your enthusiasm might falter along the way to your ultimate goal, set your long-term goal and then add a series of detailed short-term goals. Each accomplished step will re-ignite your spirits and continue to hold you accountable as you push toward your major goal.

Is one of your goals a new job?

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