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It doesn’t matter if you’re bringing a new employee on board or preparing a current employee for a new job or assignment, your job as a leader is to ensure success for that individual.  And success means having an employee who is both productive and enthusiastic.

For this to happen, there will need to be a continued emphasis on promoting an environment in which they feel valued. As a leader, it’s up to you to find out what motivates each worker and look for ways to encourage them. It’s also up to you to communicate objectives and give feedback that helps them to develop along the way.

The key lies in the quality of the information you’re providing, so here are three things to keep in mind as you set your people up for long-term success.

Set short-term milestones

You probably know the objectives of the new position or project from start to finish, but your employee might not. That is why you need to establish short-term outcomes to make sure progress is moving at the intended pace.

Each time a milestone is met successfully, the employee gets a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. If they haven’t been met, there is still plenty of time to make corrections.

There are no firm rules for setting these milestones, but they are typically arranged for one, three, or six-month intervals, depending on the length of the project.

Encourage negotiation

You might think it’s premature to promote negotiation at the beginning of a new assignment since your employee probably doesn’t know enough to have a strong opinion just yet. You might believe they are better off receiving your directions or orders in silence.

However, by inviting interaction—questions and some pushback—your employee starts out feeling empowered and autonomous. Inviting negotiation early in the process could end up being one of the key contributors to success.

Schedule time to provide feedback

Sometimes managers rely on their sense of how a project is moving along instead of collecting facts. Scheduling time for feedback ensures the proper assessment of progress. It’s a time to find out if progress is in line with the outcomes that you expected. It sends a clear message that you are counting on the milestones being reached as promised.

You need to be asking: What are your results for this period? Are you on schedule for the next objective? Depending on the answers, you and your employee may need to discuss adjusting your tactics.

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